Free genres! Original or cover are OK!!

Free as a bird

<Conditions of participation and notes>

You will be free with genres ! Original or cover are OK!!
Tyepe of performance include a complete band, playing guitar and solo singing, orchestra, etc.!

<Participation cost>

  • About 30-40 minutes * Booking from 3-6 couples
  • Recharging cost to customers is from ¥2000 ~ ¥2500 (drink is 600 yen).
    ( Prices may vary depending on the event content, please check the schedule)
  • Please contact us for room to guests
    (Elementary school students only pay the drink fee. Middle school students will be charged as normal. Kindergarten pupils under elementary school age will be free and do not need to request a drink.)

<Schedule cancellation>

  • In case of cancellation due to customer’s default, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 12400 yen for 60 days before the scheduled performance and 5000 yen for 90 days in advance (excluding the first day in day calculation)
  • We don’t charge cancellation fee for events during the limited hours due to emergency measures that were enacted by the government against coronavirus, but during unlimitted period, you will be charged a cancellation fee. Therefore, your understanding will be highly appreciated.
    However, you will not lose the cancellation fee for 3 conditions below.

    1. Your schedule is canceled due to Act of God, natural disasters such as storms and earthquakes that paralyze transportation system,
      If that’s reason why the main JR lines, Odakyu lines and Keio Inokashira lines in Tokyo stopped running.
    2. Upon receiving a business suspension order from the Government. (Excluding recommendations for limitations of contact)
    3. When it is impossible to organize event due to our side’s default

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